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Old 12-12-2013
Help in MQ load balancing

Currently we have 3 old and 3 new servers catering to Live traffic. As my component move from legacy interfaces to MQ one, we want to have load balancing of old interfaces available on MQ interface as well.
For this, we want to send only 30% of all MQ traffic on 3 OLD Live servers, and want rest of 70% Live traffic to be sent to new servers. Can we set any such ratio during MQ setup, which can allow us the flexibility to control the ratio of traffic being sent by MQ on Old and New servers?
please help me on this

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Old 12-24-2013
It seems that slower systems will naturally get less of the MQ traffic. You might be able to load balance external to MQ at the tcp level like with web servers. What is the traffic flow like? Do clients mput or only these servers?

Influencing workload distribution with shared queues
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