Need mtime with time stamp

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Old 11-11-2013
Need mtime with time stamp

hi all

find /folder1   -mtime 1  >folder1

with the above command , I can get the output of all the files which are modified(within folders and sub folders of folder1) in the last 24 hours.

but the listed files output , does not contain the time stamp with it.

I request you to give me the command , which can print the time stamp as well , in the mtime out put.

also , is this possible get the list of files which are modified between 14 to 18 hours previous to the present time.along with time stamp.

what should be the command for it.

Thanks in advance
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Old 11-11-2013
add -ls to your find statement

find ... -mtime 1 -ls > ...

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Old 11-11-2013
Is that what you're asking?

find /folder1 -mtime 1 -print0 | xargs -0 stat -c "%n %y" >folder1

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Old 11-11-2013
Please use code tags as required by forum rules!

find /folder1 -mtime 1 >folder1 will find files modified exactly 24 hours ago. For within last 24 hours, use -mtime -1.
Does your find have the mmin test? Use that for 14 - 18 hours find.
For your mtime stamp try
find /folder1   -mtime 1  -exec ls -lt {} + >folder1

(if your find versions allows for the + ).
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Old 11-12-2013
Very Thank you blackrageous and RudiC and all for the Response.
I used , find /folder -mtime -1 -ls > folder1 , I got what i wanted,
That is the number of files which are changed during last 24 hours , with
time stamp.

But I could not get , the command given by Aia , is this for the same purpose
find /folder1 -mtime 1 -print0 | xargs -0 stat -c "%n %y" >folder1


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