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Old 09-27-2001
Pager message from UNIX


we have written an auto emailer script for some autosys jobs getting delayed using C-Shell. We would also like to enhance this by sending out a page to the support personnel. Is there any way in C-Shell or autosys wherein we have the facility to send these pager messages ? Please help !!
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Old 09-28-2001
Do your pagers have the capability of pages through email. or is it via phone only? We use pagenet for exactly what you want to do, often I know when a script has failed before the autosys operator. Here is what we use with pagenet pagers.

. ~/.profile
# Usage is DoPager PIN Subject Message

function DoProcess {
# echo "+++++ `date` $ProcName is processing"


echo $MESG | mail -s "$2" 6085551116.$

i don't think there is a pager function in autosys but if you get a script to do the page you could set it up to be executed as a on failure command.

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