Application keep on crashing need to troubleshoot

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Old 09-05-2013
Application keep on crashing need to troubleshoot

Hi experts,

I am using RHEL as my distro and I have a very important application running on that server. That application is a third party application and I don't have control with the source.

That application keeps on crashing or stop like every other day and it doesn't have any traces on the log files to see what causing it.

Is there any way to debug the application like strace, ptrace or anything that would tell the cause of the problem?

Thanks and hope someone can give an idea.

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Old 09-05-2013
crash or stop -- which, or both? Does the process remain around, or does it die?

If it's actually crashing, you could arrange for it to create core files when it does, which you could load into gdb and the like to see what was happening. Whether this information will help you is another question, as executables you don't have the source code for, let alone without debugging information, may not be too enlightening to look inside.
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