UNIX script for making random numbers without repetition

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Old 09-14-2013
jot -s" " 7200 1 7200 | ./rand.php

$ cat rand.php
  $file = fopen( 'php://stdin', 'r' );
  $numarr = explode( " ", fgets( $file ) );
  $nums = array_rand( $numarr, 1440 );
  echo implode( " ", $nums );
  fclose( $file );

$ jot -s" " 7200 1 7200 | ./rand.php | wc -w

You can use PHP to generate the array, or seq if you don't have jot, but you said you already had the numbers, so just <my numbers> | ./rand.php.
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Old 09-19-2013
Originally Posted by sajmar
The shuf command will not work for me.
In what way will it "not work"? Does it not work because you don't have it, or does it not work because it's not the result you want? Important difference.
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Old 09-19-2013
Not POSIX, but some sort commands have a the --random-sort parameter, so:

sort --random-sort inputfile | head -n 1440

If you really need an awk solution stick to post #8
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Old 09-19-2013
An awk-based replacement for shuf:
awk 'BEGIN {srand(); } { A[NR-1]=$0; E++ }
        END { while(E>0) { print A[N=int(rand()*E)] A[N]=A[--E]; }' input > output

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