running linux ppc on a mac 7200

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Old 09-13-2001
running linux ppc on a mac 7200

running linux ppc on a mac 7200... can someone please tell me how to do this... it says something about a red hat installer??
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Old 09-14-2001
Well, you're going to have to be more specific - What Linux distribution are you wanting to install? To the best of my knowledge, Redhat does not have a port that will run on PPC machines. Check out this link:
Read every link thoroughly, and understand it before even attempting to install - you'll have a much less painless install if you know what you're doing.
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Old 10-02-2001

Good deal, LinuxPPC is a nice product,

I know, some are saying, is there anything this idiot HASN'T screwed around with, well, that's another story...
Linux PPC is the version of Linux for the Mac PPC that uses the RedHat installer, I think it comes in the install disk, you just have to boot it from the floppy, you do know how to do that on a Mac? hold down the open apple and "f" keys (if I remember, it's been a while). now, there should be a floppy image on the LinuxPPC site, or they should have info on how to get the RedHat installer onto a Mac formatted disk.
LinuxPPC is a good one, but there is also MKLinux, based off of the microkernel that is powering MacOSX. Honestly, my favorite is Yellow Dog Linux, it runs fast and they have wicked awesome tech support if you purchase the media. These are the guys that sell massively parallel Beowulf clusters of G4s, now that's computing....

On a side note, you could install NetBSD as well, it runs on anything and is a bit more of an industrial grade unix, IMHO.
Sorry for the lack of info on LinuxPPC, but it's been a while. The last one I did, they were talking about getting their own installer, but I guess not, huh? I still like Yellow Dog if you gotta go Linux, but I really think NetBSD is worth the look, because , after all, "of course it runs NetBSD"....


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