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Old 09-10-2001
alignment in shell script

grep 'Dept' x.lst |awk -F"Name=" `{print $1" "$2" "$3}`

the output is coming like this

Krishna 1 2340 8383
Rohan 10 982 234

how can I align these numbers using shell script.
even i used typeset but it is useful for only zero-when-blank.

if any one knows how to do please maily me :


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Old 09-10-2001
You can use printf instead of print which supports C style output fromatting.

grep 'Dept' x.lst |awk -F"Name=" '{printf (" %-25s %-10s %-15s \n",$1,$2, $3) }'

>if any one knows how to do please maily me :

Why? You posted your question here. Right? So the answer also goes here. Maybe lot of other peoples benefit from it. And this gives an oppertunity to other peoples to add more info or *correct* what I have said. For a lot of us, IMHO, this is how we learn things.

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