2.4.9 Linux Kernel & PCMCIA Wireless Problems

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Old 08-19-2001
2.4.9 Linux Kernel & PCMCIA Wireless Problems

We are installing a PrismII chipset wireless PCMCIA card with a new 2.4.9 linux kernel. The card is a D-Link DWL-650. The 2.4.9 kernel uses the orinoco_cs.o driver.

Anyone running this configuration?

The 2.4.9 Linux kernel has built in PCMCIA support and the README says it supports the DWL-650, but after days of attempts and many google searches, we can't get the new kernel based PCMCIA to work. AND, when we compile the kernel without internet PCMCIA support, we can't get the old card services to work Smilie

We have notes into the developer. However, if anyone is running this configuration please reply.

In fact, if anyone is sucessfully running D-Link DWL-650 wireless services on Linux, PLEASE reply.Smilie
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Old 08-19-2001
Got it!

The trick is the right configuration from the hermes and orinoco drivers:

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