AIX hdisk error

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Old 08-17-2001
AIX hdisk error

Does anyone have an idea what this means? hdisk10 is part of vg1. (vg1 has 11 hdisks)

I get this msg every morning @ 5:04 CST

This is the orignal message:
A PROBLEM WAS DETECTED ON Fri Aug 17 03:02:09 PDT 2001                    801014

The Service Request Number(s)/Probable Cause or Cause(s):

  679-128:  Error log analysis indicates a hardware failure.
  100%  hdisk10           20-60-00-10,0     16 Bit SCSI Disk Drive (4500
             phyloc-code: n/a

(hostname)# lsvg -p vg1
hdisk10           active      537         226         15..93..00..10..108

(hostname)# lsvg -n hdisk10
VOLUME GROUP:   vg1                      VG IDENTIFIER:  000296893b485ead
VG STATE:       active                   PP SIZE:        8 megabyte(s)
VG PERMISSION:  read/write               TOTAL PPs:      5370 (42960 megabytes)
MAX LVs:        256                      FREE PPs:       1823 (14584 megabytes)
LVs:            19                       USED PPs:       3547 (28376 megabytes)
OPEN LVs:       0                        QUORUM:         1
TOTAL PVs:      10                       VG DESCRIPTORS: 10
STALE PVs:      0                        STALE PPs:      0
ACTIVE PVs:     0                        AUTO ON:        yes
MAX PPs per PV: 1016                     MAX PVs:        32

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Old 08-17-2001
Try the commands mentioned here to get some more info:

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Old 08-17-2001
unfortunetly i could not find that script/program anywere on the box. ;(

but good link.

i did run diag on that drive after i cleared out the error log and i didnt get any error back. ;( intermitent problems are the worst.

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