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how do I store the values in array using shell

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users how do I store the values in array using shell
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Old 08-17-2001
how do I store the values in array using shell


Is is possible to get the value using shell script?

y1 = 10
y2 = 15
y3 = 7

echo $y$x is giving y1 (variable name)
but I need the value of y1 (i.e. 10 dynamically)

Is there any solution?

if so, please mail me at

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Old 08-17-2001
set -A VARNAME 1 10 15 <- init array

echo ${VARNAME[0]} giving 1
echo ${VARNAME[2]} giving 15

to initialize the array you can also do thing like this(in ksh scripts)

set -A VARNAME $(ls)

try it
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Old 08-17-2001

Thanks michael,

I will try.


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