CUPS printing and control escape codes

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Old 12-23-2011
CUPS printing and control escape codes

I ported application from SysV to Linux and run into troubles with printing.

Application uses lp and HP JetDirect-based printers, it inserts HP control codes in the file and uses plain lp -d dest doc-file command to print it.

The Linux (Ubuntu 8) has CUPS system, which I am not familiar with. I added JetDirect's IP to the hosts and used The UNIX and Linux Forums - Learn UNIX and Linux from Experts interface to add the printer, its model was in the list (this is HP P2015n) and the test print worked like a charm. but when I run app and print from it the control codes in the file body are not recognized as a control sequence characters, but rather as a plain text and printed along with the actual text. I captured the file from the app and tried to print it with -o raw option,
lpr -P lpr5 -o raw prtfile

but result is the same, control codes are treated as a part of the text.

Any help on how to tune up this CUPS would be appreciated.
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lpana(1M)																 lpana(1M)

lpana - display LP spooler performance analysis information SYNOPSIS
displays LP spooler performance information, which system administrators can use to optimize the configuration of the entire spooler sys- tem. Options recognizes one option: Choose dest as the printer or the class of printers. If dest is a printer, the performance analysis information is dis- played for that specific printer. If dest is a class of printers, the performance analysis information is displayed for the printers that are members of the class. By default, displays the performance analysis information for all printers and/or classes. examines for the following items: Average waiting time from when job is spooled until start of printing. Standard Deviation for waiting time. Average printing time from start to end of job. Standard Deviation for printing time. Average of number of bytes printed per request. Standard Deviation for number of bytes. Sum of bytes printed for all requests (in kilobytes). Total number of requests since logging started. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
Environment Variables determines the language in which messages are displayed. Setting causes the destination names exceeding 14 characters to be wrapped to multiple lines. This will ensure proper indentation of all the other displayed fields. WARNINGS
performs its operation on the local system only. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. FILES
lp(1), lpstat(1), lpadmin(1M), lpsched(1M). lpana(1M)

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