vimdiff jump to other file or switch windows

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Old 08-11-2011
vimdiff jump to other file or switch windows

This took me quite awhile to find so I wanted to share this with other people.

To switch windows in vimdiff or 
 to navigate windows in vimdiff or 
 to change windows in vimdiff try the following: 
 The ":vertical" command can be inserted before another command that 
 splits a window. 
         CTRL-W h        move to the window on the left 
         CTRL-W j        move to the window below 
         CTRL-W k        move to the window above 
         CTRL-W l        move to the window on the right 
         CTRL-W t        move to the TOP window 
         CTRL-W b        move to the BOTTOM window 
  Moving windows 
         CTRL-W K        move window to the upper 
         CTRL-W H        move window to the far left 
         CTRL-W J        move window to the bottom 
         CTRL-W L        move window to the far right 
I post this info because I has so much trouble finding it.

vimdiff - Edit two or Three versions of a file with Vim and show differences

switch windows in vimdiff - bash tips | Google Groups
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