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Old 08-14-2001

Originally posted by PxT

He said he changed a file, so at least he should be able to restore the original, and redo the changes...
Provided he has a backup of the file
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Old 08-23-2001

It is after the fact, but in the future you can attempt a recover by forcing the editor to preserve your buffer. You will find this useful if you have made edits, then discover that you can't save your edits. You can then use the vi -r <file> to recover the buffer after you close.

If the file system is full you can also delete something with :! rm <junkfile> the !(bang) allows you to issue unix commands within the editor, like : !df to see the space.

Best case, write the file to a directory in another filesystem that has space available with :w /usr/local/../.../file

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