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Old 07-11-2011
Max size of the attachment

Hi Gurus,

I am unable to send a file which size is more than 10mb through the "sendmail" command in unix.

I searched from internet and followed the path specified over there "/etc/mail/" and too "/etc/mail/" but found in those files below lines.

# maximum message size
#O MaxMessageSize=1000000

Though these above lines are commented, could you please tell me is there default size is 10mb or please tell me the other config file in which it is mentioned the max attachement size.

The operating system I am using is SunOs.

Thanks & regrads,

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Old 07-11-2011
What you show means the mailbox limit is at the default (as of the year 2000, and probably later). sendmail changes, sometimes in rather interesting ways, from version to version. What you showed me works for older versions, which are the ones I know. This is for the MESSAGE (text + attachments). Usually called the mailbox size.

The default size is/was 2MB, if I remember correctly. You want probably 20MB:
O MaxMessageSize=20000000

Sendmail went 'commercial' recently, so the site: requires a customer login/password.

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