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Old 07-31-2001
AIX-DualBoot on IBM F80


I want to dualboot AIX 4.3.3 und AIX 5.1 on an ibm F80 server.
Preinstalled was 4.3.3 and I installed 5.1 afterwards. After the
installation of 5.1 my server always hangs with a 0555 - Message on the LED-display.

The manual tells me that this means problems with the filesystems.

What I can think of is that there is a problem with having two rootvg's on one system and that 4.3.3 tries to mount the 5.1 rootvg which is JFS2 and not readable by 4.3.3 ...

Has anyone an idea or solution if this is right and how to fix it or how to setup up dualboot in the right way ?

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Old 07-31-2001
Did you do an alt_disk_installation of 5.1? Did it go in clean? Still waiting on AIX 5, but have moved from to with alternate disk installation without issues. Is there any overlap of PV's between 4.3.3 and 5's rootvgs?
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Old 08-01-2001
What I did was a full new installation to another disk. I have no idea at the moment what you mean with alt_disk_installation.

Both rootvgs have on pv ( 4.3.3 hdisk0, 5.1 hdisk2) but the lvs are named the same.
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Old 08-01-2001
Ah. Then I would agree that there are 2 rootvgs trying to live on your machine. Try "man alt_disk_installation" and get an idea of what it does. I'd back out...reinstall 4.3.3 on hdisk0 and set it up how you want it. Then, using AIX 5 CDROM run "smitty alt_clone". With the correct values this would clone your 4.3.3 from hdisk0 to hdisk1(?), then apply the AIX 5 update to hdisk1 (or whichever). It will also modify your pv listing, moving hdisk0 to old_rootvg, and flip hdisk1 into rootvg. Upon reboot you should come up on AIX 5 on hdisk1. Your hdisk0 (4.3.3) is still intact and you can toggle back... "alt_disk_install -W hdisk0" will wake up your old_rootvg and you can reboot back to 4.3.3 if you have problems.

This is assuming that you have the proper filesets installed initially and AIX 5 handles this smoothly. Again...still waiting on 5 cannot say for sure.

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