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file lock

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Old 04-19-2010
file lock

I have an Essbase installation on Solaris 10 and need to get the backups configured. Unfortunately several key files are locked and Essbase (OLAP application) is not releasing the locks when the Essbase or the applications within stop running. It appears I can use chmod to unlock the files but I am concerned that the files will get corrupted and/or the apps will no longer run correctly. Any suggestions or advice?


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XmClipboardLock(library call)											     XmClipboardLock(library call)

XmClipboardLock -- A clipboard function that locks the clipboard SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/CutPaste.h> int XmClipboardLock (display, window) Display * display; Window window; (void) DESCRIPTION
XmClipboardLock locks the clipboard from access by another application until XmClipboardUnlock is called. All clipboard functions lock and unlock the clipboard to prevent simultaneous access. This function allows the application to keep the clipboard data from changing between calls to Inquire and other clipboard functions. The application does not need to lock the clipboard between calls to XmClipboardStartCopy and XmClipboardEndCopy or to XmClipboardStartRetrieve and XmClipboardEndRetrieve. If the clipboard is already locked by another application, XmClipboardLock returns an error status. Multiple calls to this function by the same application increase the lock level. display Specifies a pointer to the Display structure that was returned in a previous call to XOpenDisplay or XtDisplay. window Specifies the window ID of a widget that relates the application window to the clipboard. The widget's window ID can be obtained through XtWindow. The same application instance should pass the same window ID to each of the clipboard functions that it calls. RETURN
XmClipboardSuccess The function was successful. XmClipboardLocked The function failed because the clipboard was locked by another application. The application can continue to call the function again with the same parameters until the lock goes away. This gives the application the opportunity to ask if the user wants to keep trying or to give up on the operation. RELATED
XmClipboardEndCopy(3), XmClipboardEndRetrieve(3), XmClipboardStartCopy(3), XmClipboardStartRetrieve(3), and XmClipboardUnlock(3). XmClipboardLock(library call)

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