sort command abort with error

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Old 11-06-2009
sort command abort with error


I am having an application which has been ported from UNIX. I am facing a problem with sort command. It aborts with following error message when running in a Japanese locale.

sort command aborts with message "A line of the input file contains more than 20480 characters."

This problem has been fixed in Unix and Tru64.

can anybody help me in fixing this problem. I am having source code of sort with me.
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WRAP-AND-SORT(1)					      General Commands Manual						  WRAP-AND-SORT(1)

wrap-and-sort - wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files SYNOPSIS
wrap-and-sort [options] DESCRIPTION
wrap-and-sort wraps the package lists in Debian control files. By default the lists will only split into multiple lines if the entries are longer than 80 characters. wrap-and-sort sorts the package lists in Debian control files and all .install files. Beside that wrap-and-sort removes trailing spaces in these files. This script should be run in the root of a Debian package tree. It searches for control,, copyright,, install, and *.install in the debian directory. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show this help message and exit. -a, --wrap-always Wrap all package lists in the Debian control file even if the entries are shorter than 80 characters and could fit in one line line. -s, --short-indent Only indent wrapped lines by one space (default is in-line with the field name). -b, --sort-binary-packages Sort binary package paragraphs by name. -k, --keep-first When sorting binary package paragraphs, leave the first one at the top. Unqualified debhelper(7) configuration files are applied to the first package. -n, --no-cleanup Do not remove trailing whitespaces. -d path, --debian-directory=path Location of the debian directory (default: ./debian). -f file, --file=file Wrap and sort only the specified file. You can specify this parameter multiple times. All supported files will be processed if no files are specified. -v, --verbose Print all files that are touched. AUTHORS
wrap-and-sort and this manpage have been written by Benjamin Drung <>. Both are released under the ISC license. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities WRAP-AND-SORT(1)