Directory is invisible in listing but it is exist.

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Old 09-23-2009
Originally Posted by Michael Safyan
This is not actually unusual. There is such a thing as hidden files and folders. Usually, only files or folders that start with dot (.) are hidden, although it is possible for distributions to make other files or folders hidden as well.
I'd call it pretty unusual, since hiding folders and files in most UNIX systems is not a function of the operating system or even the filesystem. Programs that hide things starting with . do so only by convention, it's not enforced; ls always finds entries beginning with . and simply doesn't report them unless asked.

Ergo, modifying a UNIX OS to hide certain other files and folders would mean hacking hardcoded behavior into an assortment of shells and tools.
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Old 09-24-2009
I think that "fpmurphy" has cracked it. The "*" is not working.
Could be "set -f" in the script or something in the way shell was invoked which turned off "file name generation" (aka. "filename globbing").
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Old 09-25-2009
Originally Posted by methyl
I think that "fpmurphy" has cracked it. The "*" is not working.
Could be "set -f" in the script or something in the way shell was invoked which turned off "file name generation" (aka. "filename globbing").


Many thanks for all the replies. FYI.

The issue has been resolve by trying to remount the NAS Server.
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