Restrictive mail implementation problem

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Old 08-13-2009
Restrictive mail implementation problem

Any tips on this problem will be greatly appreciated.

I need to build a Linux mailserver, that needs to meet the following requirements:
  • 3 usergroups: endusers, supervisors, and management
  • Endusers will be on a local Linux mailserver
  • Supervisors and management will be on Google Apps
  • Endusers must not be able to e-mail each other or anyone in general on the Internet, but should not be able to receive e-mail from the Internet at large.
  • Endusers only can e-mail supervisors and management, and receive e-mail from supervisors and management

I'm leaning towards a Linux + Postfix server, and looking through the Postfix documentation for creative use of Relay directives, and through Sourceforge for some communication package that fits the bill. Something like RT would just about fit the bill, or even a creative BB implementation.

How could I build this?
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