KDE Kicker toolbar has dissapeared???

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Old 06-04-2002
Question KDE Kicker toolbar has dissapeared???

Not sure exactly how I got it to dissapear (playing with controls trying to customize the desktop). After all the tinkering with Xfree86, KDE, Enlightenement, Xfce, etc this is the first problem that I havn't been able to figure out how to fix.

Anybody know how to make it reappear once it's been "hidden"?
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Old 06-04-2002
I am not familiar with the term "Kicker Toolbar". Is that the tool bar that is most often at the bottom of the screen or the toolbar that is at the top of the screen?
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Old 06-30-2006
kicker / kpanel unhiding bug on dual monitor (keywords: appear hide edge mouse)

When I solve a problem, I often add the solution to some forum, so the answer
will be in Google for others. So, here it goes:

After upgrading KDE (using yum), and restarting KDE, the kicker kpanel - set to
appear on the right edge of my dual monitor (twinview) desktop setup, appears
and hides. After that you cannot unhide it.

I found that the solution was to kill kicker (using 'ps' to get the PID), then edit
~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc and set UnhideLocation=0, and then restart
kicker from the commandline.

The reason it (probably) didn't work anymore is because it was set to 8. In the
'configure panel...''hiding' window this is the "Raise when the pointer touches the
screen's: Left Edge". Normally it isn't necessary to check this checkbox (unchecking
is setting UnhideLocation=0). Because it was set to 'LeftEdge' and my panel is on
the right edge AND hidden AND(?) I have a dual monitor setup - it didn't appear
at all anymore. Choosing 'RightEdge' (or BottomEdge etc) still works for me.

Carlo Wood
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