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Old 02-08-2002

Even i wanted very much to see how UNIX works i hadnt a chance.So if u can send me pic that shows UNIX interface and that is possible to se it in windows.I am still newbie and i would be very happy if u send it to me.
Best wishes

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Old 02-09-2002
Here's a very popular X Windows interface setup - GNOME:

Keep in mind that one of the beauties of windowed desktops in Unix and Unix-like systems is that there is no set shell (excepting the default of CDE on commericial unices [AIX, Solaris, HP/US (I tihnk)]). Linux and FreeBSD ship with Gnome (pictured in the link above) or KDE ( as their default desktops. However, you do not have to use any of these - there are all sorts of window managers out there. To name a few:
The list seems endless. Check out for more beautiful examples of XFree86 desktops in action.
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