Web Server/Permissions issues.

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Old 02-25-2014
Web Server/Permissions issues.

I do not know if this is the correct place to post this, and I have tried to trawl through relevant articles to fix the issue, but I am stumped.

I have a server, log as root.

var/www is root:root

var/www/website-one is root:root

var/www/website-one/neosmart-stream is root:root

This error pops up

It is not possible to create new directories via PHP mkdir(). /var/www/website-one/neosmart-stream/ (CHMOD 0775) is not writeable.
Try to set your webserver as owner of /var/www/website-one/neosmart-stream/

Has this web server been setup incorrectly ?

On another web server not managed by me the permissions/group are right and everything works fine ?

Can anyone direct me on the right path please ?
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Old 02-25-2014
The issues is, more than likely, is that your web server (after it starts up) does not run as the root user. That is why you are having a permission problem (more-than-likely).
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Old 02-25-2014
As part of your error message says:

Try to set your webserver as owner of /var/www/website-one/neosmart-stream/
As Neo has already post, your web server (process) does not have the required access rights to the files in question. This is typically fixed by changing the owner of the whole tree to the webserver user (eg, on Solaris x86 this is "webservd"). Or your web server may be running under userid "apache" for example.

To help you more we need to know the environment (O/S, webserver, etc) but you'll be pleased to know that your issue is not unusual at all when installing a web server. It happens all the time upon initial install.
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Old 02-25-2014
ubuntu-9.04-server-i386 ? Should this not be the latest version ?

I got somewhere earlier, with chown & chgrp, but there is a issue with -R seems to prevent me from using this as well.

var/www/website-one/neosmart-stream/ works but neosmart-stream/nss-admin ect do not work even when giving it a UID of 33 ?

Trying to learn what I can off the net now, but this server does seem to be setup incorrectly as you stated ?

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Old 02-25-2014
Your post above is not very helpful.

First of all, do you know exactly what user and group your web server is running?

Do you know how to determine that basic information?
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Old 02-25-2014
root:root is running the webserver ?

How do I determine that ?

I was given the root as username and the password.
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Old 02-25-2014
It's extremely unlikely that the user "root" is running the webserver.

Login to the system as root and look at all the running processes:

ps -eaf|more

Look for a process that looks like the web server process (eg. apache or similar known web server).

If you can find the process then the user running it (see column 1) is the user that doesn't have access to the files in the www default directory tree.

If you can't find the web server process, post the whole output of:

ps -eaf

so that we can have a go.

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And also, if you're logged in as "root" (ie, god) you shouldn't have any trouble running 'chown -R'
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