(lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications (lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24
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Old 01-24-2008
(lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24

We are a tool vendor and one of our users is getting this error.
The user is using several macrovision(FLEXLM) license enabled products including ours.

(lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24

At this time, it stops checking out licenses, and will not
respond to query's.

What's weird, is that the file /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrd.4081
does exist! And the process is 4081. Everything else seems
to be fine. For some reason, it wants the file base name to
be "lmgrdl" instead of "lmgrd".

At this point in time, we have to kill and restart the
License Server. It will work for a few days, to a week or
two, then do this again.

Is this a know problem in FLEXLM?

Is there a fix and/or work-a-round?

Thank you for any help and suggestions.
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Old 01-24-2008
I feel for you. This is horrible IP software.
Using gdb, a live syscall facility (strace/ktrace),and objdump it's about a weeks worth or work to make this code useful to the oss world.

Otherwise it's crappily packaged, badly designed program limiters without a single compliant systems constraint.

Worked with flexlm packaged stuff for 3 years and that was enough.
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Old 05-02-2008
Yeah life is hard some times. We track our applications with License Statistics. This helps against tracking downtimes since we're told upfront when there is a problem. See also Flexlm knowledgebase
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