OCCI WITH gcc3.4.3 "really need help"

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Old 12-04-2007
OCCI WITH gcc3.4.3 "really need help"

i am facing problems linking problem occi with gcc3.4.3 .

oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::Mode, void*, void* (*)(void*, unsigned int), void* (*)(void*, void*, unsigned int), void (*)(void*, void*))build/Debug/GNU-Solaris-Sparc/connection.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to dist/Debug/GNU-Solaris-Sparc/connection_test

plz plz help me to resolve this error .:(... i am using gcc 3.4.3 ,

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The Yaf_Application class

Yaf_Application provides a bootstrapping facility for applications which provides reusable resources, common- and module-based bootstrap classes and dependency checking. Note Yaf_Application implements the singleton pattern, and Yaf_Application can not be serialized or unserialized which will cause problem when you try to use PHPUnit to write some test case for Yaf. You may use @backupGlobals annotation of PHPUnit to control the backup and restore operations for global variables. thus can solve this problem. CLASS SYNOPSIS
Yaf_Application final Yaf_Application Properties o protected$config o protected$dispatcher o protectedstatic$_app o protected$_modules o protected$_running o protected$_environ Methods o publicstatic void Yaf_Application::app (void ) o public void Yaf_Application::bootstrap ([Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract $bootstrap]) o public Yaf_Application Yaf_Application::clearLastError (void ) o private void Yaf_Application::__clone (void ) o public Yaf_Application::__construct (mixed $config, [string $envrion]) o public void Yaf_Application::__destruct (void ) o public void Yaf_Application::environ (void ) o public void Yaf_Application::execute (callable $entry, string $...) o public Yaf_Application Yaf_Application::getAppDirectory (void ) o public Yaf_Config_Abstract Yaf_Application::getConfig (void ) o public Yaf_Dispatcher Yaf_Application::getDispatcher (void ) o public string Yaf_Application::getLastErrorMsg (void ) o public int Yaf_Application::getLastErrorNo (void ) o public array Yaf_Application::getModules (void ) o public void Yaf_Application::run (void ) o public Yaf_Application Yaf_Application::setAppDirectory (string $directory) o private void Yaf_Application::__sleep (void ) o private void Yaf_Application::__wakeup (void ) PROPERTIES
o $config - o $dispatcher - o $_app - o $_modules - o $_running - o $_environ - PHP Documentation Group YAF_APPLICATION(3)