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Old 09-19-2011
Change voice in festival

I installed festival under /opt/TTS so presume that precedes in the following unless noted otherwise.
I examined festival/lib/siteinit.scm and found the default voice was: voice_cmu_us_awb_arctic_hts (which I did not include with the install) which doesn't matter because the lin is commented out.
The install included
festvox_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts.tar.gz and
which are American Male using clustergen, American Female, HTS, and American English Male residual LPC diphone, I think.
I found a recent source saying to modify siteinit.scm second to last line to change the voice (...awb_arctic above ) with what was in voices but what is there is:
and under that are nothing like voice_... (I just show english/...)
Hence, I need to know how to change between the voices in version 2.1. Is there someone that can help out there?
BTW yes it is working but I am unfamiliar with the vocal output and cannot tell from where the male voice is coming.
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FESTIVAL(1)						      General Commands Manual						       FESTIVAL(1)

festival - a text-to-speech system. SYNOPSIS
festival [options] [file0] [file1] ... DESCRIPTION
Festival is a general purpose text-to-speech system. As well as simply rendering text as speech it can be used in an interactive command mode for testing and developing various aspects of speech synthesis technology. Festival has two major modes, command and tts (text-to-speech). When in command mode input (from file or interactively) is interpreted by the command interpreter. When in tts mode input is rendered as speech. When in command mode filenames that start with a left parenthesis are treated as literal commands and evaluated. OPTIONS
-q Load no default setup files --datadir <string> Set data directory pathname --libdir <string> Set library directory pathname -b Run in batch mode (no interaction) --batch Run in batch mode (no interaction) --tts Synthesize text in files as speech no files means read from stdin (implies no interaction by default) -i Run in interactive mode (default) --interactive Run in interactive mode (default) --pipe Run in pipe mode, reading commands from stdin, but no prompt or return values are printed (default if stdin not a tty) --language <string> Run in named language, default is english, spanish, russian, welsh and others are available --server Run in server mode waiting for clients of server_port (1314) --script <ifile> Used in #! scripts, runs in batch mode on file and passes all other args to Scheme --heap <int> {1000000} Set size of Lisp heap, should not normally need to be changed from its default -v Display version number and exit --version Display version number and exit BUGS
More than you can imagine. A manual with much detail (though not complete) is available in distributed as part of the system and is also accessible at Although we cannot guarantee the time required to fix bugs, we would appreciated it if they were reported to AUTHOR
Alan W Black, Richard Caley and Paul Taylor (C) Centre for Speech Technology Research, 1996-1998 University of Edinburgh 80 South Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1HN 6th Apr 1998 FESTIVAL(1)