Getting error code when running the script 2 (RC)2

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Old 08-30-2011
Getting error code when running the script 2 (RC)2

hi All,

we have a script to remove the files from particular path,when we tryingto run manually the script went to success and removed the files but the same script which is running by other team it got failed and giving the error "2 (RC)2 "..what is the cause of the failure..and we passing the arguments for this script like hrprd hrprd3.. please find the attached script and let me know..
# Clear the cache    
if [ "$#" != "2" ]; then         
echo "Usage: $0 Sid Domain "      
SID=$1;export SID                
typeset -l SID
typeset -l DOMAIN
cd /psoft/$SID/appserv/$DOMAIN/CACHE
rm -r /psoft/$SID/appserv/$DOMAIN/CACHE/*

reply would be really appreciated..Thanks

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Old 08-30-2011
may be shell issue

check which shell you are running

can add this line at top in your script


or whatever the path you have in your system and then try. check for permissions also.
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Old 08-30-2011
hi ,
i ran the script manually it went to success, and one more is the other team facing the issue from past three days only, prior to that ran successfully from there end also, could please let me know the cause of the error code which i have mentioned in the below..2 (RC)2
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