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.ISO file extension

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu .ISO file extension
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Question .ISO file extension

I am hoping that someone will give me information on opening and installing Ubuntu to run beside Windows 7 on my computer.
I downloaded Ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386, but it came as an .ISO file, and I have no idea how to open it to install it.
Please Help.
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If you want to create a virtual machine, install Virtual machine softwares (eg. VMWare Player).
And open the player, point it to the Ubuntu ISO file and follow the instructions.
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If you use Virtual Box it can mount the ISO image as a drive and you can create a VM from that.
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An "ISO file" is a CDROM disk image. If you burned it to disk (AS A disk image, NOT as a cdrom containing the Ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso!) your computer would be able to boot from it.

Many virtualization programs like vmware and virtualbox can use ISO images as virtual CDROM "drives".
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Regarding the installation:
Some image require the checkbox 'LiveImage' inside the 'storage' section of the VM's property sheet, to be enabled, others must have it disabled.

On hard disk)
Write the iso image to a cd- or dvd-rom , using your favorite burning tool, like Nero or unetbootin to write it on an usb-stick.
Do a backup of your data to an external storage, like external usb-harddisk or several dvd-roms!
Plug in / insert the dvd/cd-rom or usb-stick and boot of them.
Install Ubuntu as adviced on screen.

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This is old, but you can watch a YouTube video on UNetBootIn to understand how to create a Bootable USB drive. Try googling, Universal USB Install.
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use virtual-clonedrive to mount the drive then your can install on some spare space on your hard drive in a duel boot or use it as a virtula install

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