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Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix
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Old 08-22-2012
Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix


M using ubuntu 11.04....and has installed Seismic Unix on it....
I want to process some unprocessed segy data using Seismic Unix....
i have converted .segy file to .su using

segyread tape=file1.seg verbose=1 endian=0 | segyclean >

and got 3 files
Now my queries are:
1. How to verify that .su file created is valid or not?
2. The .su file i got ....Is this the processed file?
-Or the processing is yet to be performed on this .su file?
-If it is processed how to read data from it?
2. How to convert .su file to .seg file?

as when m running

segywrite < tape=file1.seg verbose=1 endian=0 | < processedfile.seg
its giving error as
segywrite: fgettr.c: bad first header
plzz help..

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