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Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix
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Old 08-22-2012
Query related to conversion of segy file and .su files using Seismic Unix


M using ubuntu 11.04....and has installed Seismic Unix on it....
I want to process some unprocessed segy data using Seismic Unix....
i have converted .segy file to .su using

segyread tape=file1.seg verbose=1 endian=0 | segyclean >

and got 3 files
Now my queries are:
1. How to verify that .su file created is valid or not?
2. The .su file i got ....Is this the processed file?
-Or the processing is yet to be performed on this .su file?
-If it is processed how to read data from it?
2. How to convert .su file to .seg file?

as when m running

segywrite < tape=file1.seg verbose=1 endian=0 | < processedfile.seg
its giving error as
segywrite: fgettr.c: bad first header
plzz help..

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ubuntu-dev-tools(5)						File Formats Manual					       ubuntu-dev-tools(5)

ubuntu-dev-tools - Configuration for the ubuntu-dev-tools package. DESCRIPTION
The ubuntu-dev-tools package is similar in scope to the devscripts(1) package, providing a collection of scripts which may be of use to Ubuntu and Debian developers or others wishing to build Debian packages. Some of these scripts have options which may be configured on a system-wide and per-user basis. These options are configured in devscripts.conf(5). All variables are described in the script's manpages. Package-wide variables begin with "UBUNTUTOOLS" and are listed below. Every script which reads the configuration files can be forced to ignore them by using the --no-conf command-line option. ENVIRONMENT
All ubuntu-dev-tools configuration variables can be set (and overridden) by setting them in the environment (unlike devscripts). In addition, several scripts use the following environment variables: UBUMAIL Overrides DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME when the target is clearly Ubuntu. Can either contain an e-mail address or Full Name <>. DEBEMAIL, DEBFULLNAME As in devscripts(1). PACKAGE-WIDE VARIABLES The currently recognised package-wide variables are: UBUNTUTOOLS_BUILDER This specifies the preferred test-builder, one of pbuilder (default), sbuild, pbuilder-dist. UBUNTUTOOLS_DEBIAN_MIRROR The preferred Debian archive mirror. Should be of the form (no trailing slash). If not specified, the master will be used. UBUNTUTOOLS_DEBSEC_MIRROR The preferred Debian security archive mirror. Should be of the form (no trailing slash). If not speci- fied, the master will be used. UBUNTUTOOLS_UBUNTU_MIRROR The preferred Ubuntu archive mirror. Should be of the form (no trailing slash). If not specified, the master will be used. UBUNTUTOOLS_UBUNTU_PORTS_MIRROR The preferred Ubuntu archive mirror. Should be of the form (no trailing slash). If not specified, the mas- ter will be used. UBUNTUTOOLS_LPINSTANCE The launchpad instance to communicate with. e.g. production (default) or staging. UBUNTUTOOLS_MIRROR_FALLBACK Whether or not to fall-back to the master archive mirror. This is usually the desired behaviour, as mirrors can lag the masters. If on a private network with only a local mirror, you may want to set this to no. One of yes (default) or no. UBUNTUTOOLS_UPDATE_BUILDER Whether or not to update the test-builder before each test build. One of yes or no (default). UBUNTUTOOLS_WORKDIR The directory to use for preparing source packages etc. When unset, defaults to a directory in /tmp/ named after the script. SEE ALSO
devscripts(1), devscripts.conf(5) AUTHORS
This manpage was written by Stefano Rivera <>. ubuntu-dev-tools December 19 2010 ubuntu-dev-tools(5)

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