use VM to play games in Windows (Intense Games)

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu use VM to play games in Windows (Intense Games)
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Old 10-06-2011
use VM to play games in Windows (Intense Games)

I have Ubunut installed on my desktop

AMD 6 Core 3.2 (will be getting the bulldozer AMD 8 Core when it releases)
16 GB of DDR3 1333 RAM
some HDD's
Nvidia 560 ti 1GB

My question is, how can I or can I even get a Win 7 VM to play games as well in a main install. Give it 10 GBs of RAM or something along those lines, give it some cores and PLAY games like BF3 or just intense games in general.

I love linux and hate windows but EA and Activision still do not release games for linux. I have heard of WINE but it does not support (as far as I have read) very intense games and at the least does not support BF3 or BFBC2. Another reason it be nice to run some servers form this server which just dont work that great in windows that currently I am running from a dual core 4 BGs of ram slow PC.

If I can do this, any hints on how to config it to streamline better.

Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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