XP and Linux (Ubuntu) on same disk, Can I install Ubuntu on not-yet partitioned portion of disk?

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu XP and Linux (Ubuntu) on same disk, Can I install Ubuntu on not-yet partitioned portion of disk?
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Old 10-29-2009
Experiment 3 - XP and Debian 5 on 20 GB Drive, PC Bell (450/b1r)

Debian 5 failed in following try:

I installed Win XP in the first partition and I selected to use 10 GB and format NTFS.
Then I installed Debian 5 in the free area (=not partitioned portion of drive). I selected lang Swedish, Automatic partitioning resulting in a system area of 9 GB and a swap area if only 500 MB . I think automatic partitioning/formatting resulted in an unexpected small swap area in relation to system Ram 640 MB

When I startet the PC after installation, I found the expected choices 'start XP ' and ' start Debian'.
XP worked fine.
Debian started and I observed following notification or Error messages during boot:
udevd-event[433]. udev_rules_apply_format: unknown format char ':'

This error lead to an error or message : Waiting for /dev being fully populated .... unknown format char ':'

Debian hanged after command 'Setting the system clock' while
' Activating Swap' and I shut down the computer. I do not know what happened during ' Activating Swap' . Maybe the swap area is too small?
And is what is the significance resp importance of the error in udevd-event. Can I do something to avoid this error?
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