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LIQUIDSOAP(1)						      General Commands Manual						     LIQUIDSOAP(1)

liquidsoap - a multimedia streaming language SYNOPSIS
liquidsoap [options] [script|expression] DESCRIPTION
Liquidsoap is a programming language for describing multimedia streaming systems. It is very flexible, making simple things simple but giving a lot of control for advanced uses. Liquidsoap supports audio, video and MIDI streams, and a wide range of input/output operators including Icecast and various soundcard APIs. It can perform a broad range of signal processing, combine streams in various ways, support custom transitions, generate sound procedurally... and all this can be assembled as you wish. Input files can be accessed remotely, or even be synthesized on the fly using external scripts such as speech synthesis. Finally, interaction with a running liquidsoap instance is possible via telnet or socket. Liquidsoap scripts passed on the command line will be evaluated: they shall be used to define the streaming system to be ran. It is possi- ble to pass multiple scripts; they will all be ran successively, and definitions from one script can be used in subsequent ones. A script will be read from standard input if - is given as script filename. Information about scripting liquidsoap is available on our website: http://savonet.sf.net/ If the parameter is not a file it will be treated as an expression which will be executed. It is a convenient way to test simple one-line scripts. When running only one-liners, the default is to log messages directly on stdout rather than to a file. OPTIONS
- Read script from standard input. -- Stop parsing the command-line and pass subsequent items to the script. --debug Print debugging log messages. --dynamic-plugins-dir path Directory where to look for plugins. --errors-as-warnings Issue warnings instead of fatal errors for unused variables and ignored expressions. If you are not sure about it, it is better to not use it. --interactive Start an interactive interpreter. --list-plugins List all plugins (builtin scripting values, supported formats and protocols). --list-plugins-xml List all plugins (builtin scripting values, supported formats and protocols), output as XML. --no-pervasives Do not load pervasive script libraries. --version Display liquidsoap's version. -c, --check Check and evaluate scripts but do not perform any streaming. -cl, --check-lib Like --check but treats all scripts and expressions as libraries, so that unused toplevel variables are not reported. -d, --daemon Run in daemon mode. -f, --force-start For advanced dynamic uses: force liquidsoap to start even when no active source is initially defined. -h plugin Print the description of a plugin, eg. a builtin scripting function. -i Display infered types. -p, --parse-only Parse scripts but do not type-check and run them. -q, --quiet Do not print log messages on standard output. -r filename Process a request. -T, --disable-telnet Disable the telnet server. -U, --disable-unix-socket Disable the unix socket. -t, --enable-telnet Enable the telnet server. -u, --enable-unix-socket Enable the unix socket. -v, --verbose Print log messages on standard output. --conf-descr-key key Describe a configuration key. --conf-descr Show all configuration keys with their documentation. --conf-descr-liqi Show all configuration keys with their documentation in liqi (documentation wiki) format. --conf-dump Dump the configuration state -help, --help Display this list of options SEE ALSO
Our website http://savonet.sf.net/ and the HTML documentation coming with your distribution of liquidsoap. AUTHOR
Savonet team <savonet-users@lists.sourceforge.net> Liquidsoap 1.0.1 June 25, 2012 LIQUIDSOAP(1)

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