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Old 11-18-2006
Originally Posted by Perderabo
rsync depends on the berkeley remote shell command. That protocol is very insecure, perhaps the most insecure in existence. It always was unix specific and not that many unix shops still use it due to security. And I never seen a firewall configured to pass that protocol.
rsync is also available for windows aswell as novel and it can also use ssh instead of rsh.
But sometimes due to some firewall rules you can only use FTP, as I found with my last task I was given at work, so I wrote my own autoftp script. I will check yours out and might use that instead Smilie
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Old 12-30-2006
works great

Excellent work im now migrating a big site like 600mb or so, i see that it has trouble with directories that contain subdirectories it gives an error Smilie but the rest it`s great you might want to check on that thanks a lot Smilie
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Old 12-30-2006
I have tested it extensively including with subdirectories over ten levels deep. The script works fine for me. I have used it many times to move large directory structures around.
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Old 03-23-2007
ntrans question

hello perderabo,

i'm tying to use your script with -x "ntrans \%3A \:" to convert the hex form of the ":" back to "normal". your script seems to do a check on filenames and aborts...since i'm very unexperienced with scripting: is there a way to use hardfeed with the option ntrans ??
i have been looking for a tool like hardfeed for quite a while and would really like to use...
could you please help me ?

thank you very much
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Old 03-23-2007
First of all, ntrans doesn't work like that. "ntrans \%3A \:" will convert % to : and delete any occurence of 3 and A. That might collapse into what you want if the only 3 and A characters happen to always follow a : but it seems like a dangerous way to do things. From the man page:

ntrans [inchars [outchars]]
If the character's position in inchars is longer than the length of outchars, the character is deleted from the file name.
And no, hardfeed is not going to work with ntrans. hardfeed needs to send a string like "get $file" to the ftp coprocess. Then it waits until the file arrives by testing if $file exists. Once the file arrives, it may optionally do a "chmod $mode $file" to transfer the mode. Another option is retrieve the file only if the remote file is newer than the local file. All of this stuff is based on file names.

You could use hardfeed to retrieve the files, then run another script to rename them. There are many example of renaming scripts on this site and you can find them with our search function. But remember that if you rename the files, you won't be able to run hardfeed again to just retrieve changed files. hardfeed will think that any renamed files are missing.
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Old 03-24-2007
thanks for the explanation !

using hardfeed....and a renaming-script after transfer now.

another question:
i'm also using wget to transfer from unix to a xp computer...(thats where the %3A comes from Smilie ) do you know a way (tried wput....) to handle transfers like that, solely from the windows side ? without havin to rename / manipulate on the unix side ?

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Old 03-24-2007
I have used hardfeed from XP. I just downloaded the version posted in this article and tried it again. It works for me. hardfeed does not require a true ksh, pdksh is good enough. I have installed Microsoft Services for Unix and I run hardfeed from that environment. And we have some threads including a FAQ article that discuss SFU.
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