YAF_REQUEST_HTTP(3)							 1						       YAF_REQUEST_HTTP(3)

The Yaf_Request_Http class

Any request from client is initialized as a Yaf_Request_Http. you can get the rquest infomations like, uri query and post parameters via methods of this class. Note For security, $_GET/$_POST are readonly in Yaf, which means if you set a value to these global variables, you can not get it from Yaf_Request_Http::getQurey or Yaf_Request_Http::getPost. But there do is some usage need such feature, like unit testing. thus Yaf can be built with --enable-yaf-debug, which will allow Yaf read the value user set via script. in such case, Yaf will throw a E_STRICT warning to remind you about that: Strict Standards: you are running yaf in debug mode CLASS SYNOPSIS
Yaf_Request_Http Yaf_Request_Httpextends Yaf_Request_Abstract Properties Methods o private void Yaf_Request_Http::__clone (void ) o Yaf_Request_Http::__construct (void ) o public mixed Yaf_Request_Http::get (string $name, [string $default]) o public mixed Yaf_Request_Http::getCookie (string $name, [string $default]) o public void Yaf_Request_Http::getFiles (void ) o public mixed Yaf_Request_Http::getPost (string $name, [string $default]) o public mixed Yaf_Request_Http::getQuery (string $name, [string $default]) o public void Yaf_Request_Http::getRequest (void ) o public bool Yaf_Request_Http::isXmlHttpRequest (void ) Inherited methods o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getActionName (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getBaseUri (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getControllerName (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getEnv (string $name, [string $default]) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getException (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getLanguage (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getMethod (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getModuleName (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getParam (string $name, [string $default]) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getParams (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getRequestUri (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::getServer (string $name, [string $default]) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isCli (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isDispatched (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isGet (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isHead (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isOptions (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isPost (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isPut (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isRouted (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::isXmlHttpRequest (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setActionName (string $action) o public bool Yaf_Request_Abstract::setBaseUri (string $uir) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setControllerName (string $controller) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setDispatched (void ) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setModuleName (string $module) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setParam (string $name, [string $value]) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setRequestUri (string $uir) o public void Yaf_Request_Abstract::setRouted ([string $flag]) PROPERTIES
o $module - o $controller - o $action - o $method - o $params - o $language - o $_exception - o $_base_uri - o $uri - o $dispatched - o $routed - PHP Documentation Group YAF_REQUEST_HTTP(3)

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