http_response_code - Get or Set the HTTP response code

int http_response_code ([int $response_code]) DESCRIPTION
If you pass no parameters then http_response_code will get the current status code. If you pass a parameter it will set the response code. PARAMETERS
o $response_code - The optional $response_code will set the response code. <?php http_response_code(404); ?> RETURN VALUES
The current response code. By default the return value is int(200). EXAMPLES
Example #1 Examples using http_response_code(3) <?php // Get the current default response code var_dump(http_response_code()); // int(200) // Set our response code http_response_code(404); // Get our new response code var_dump(http_response_code()); // int(404) ?> The above example will output: SEE ALSO
header(3), headers_list(3). PHP Documentation Group HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE(3)

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