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plack::middleware::errordocument(3pm) [debian man page]

Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		     Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument(3pm)

Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument - Set Error Document based on HTTP status code SYNOPSIS
# in app.psgi use Plack::Builder; builder { enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 500 => '/uri/errors/500.html', 404 => '/uri/errors/404.html', subrequest => 1; $app; }; DESCRIPTION
Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument allows you to customize error screen by setting paths (file system path or URI path) of error pages per status code. CONFIGURATIONS
subrequest A boolean flag to serve error pages using a new GET sub request. Defaults to false, which means it serves error pages using file system path. builder { enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 502 => '/home/www/htdocs/errors/maint.html'; enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 404 => '/static/404.html', 403 => '/static/403.html', subrequest => 1; $app; }; This configuration serves 502 error pages from file system directly assuming that's when you probably maintain database etc. but serves 404 and 403 pages using a sub request so your application can do some logic there like logging or doing suggestions. When using a subrequest, the subrequest should return a regular '200' response. AUTHOR
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa SEE ALSO
perl v5.14.2 2012-03-15 Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument(3pm)

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Plack::Middleware::Recursive(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			 Plack::Middleware::Recursive(3pm)

Plack::Middleware::Recursive - Allows PSGI apps to include or forward requests recursively SYNOPSIS
# with Builder enable "Recursive"; # in apps my $res = $env->{'plack.recursive.include'}->("/new_path"); # Or, use exceptions my $app = sub { # ... Plack::Recursive::ForwardRequest->throw("/new_path"); }; DESCRIPTION
Plack::Middleware::Recursive allows PSGI applications to recursively include or forward requests to other paths. Applications can make use of callbacks stored in "$env->{'plack.recursive.include'}" to include another path to get the response (whether it's an array ref or a code ref depending on your application), or throw an exception Plack::Recursive::ForwardRequest anywhere in the code to forward the current request (i.e. abort the current and redo the request). EXCEPTIONS
This middleware passes through unknown exceptions to the outside middleware stack, so if you use this middleware with other exception handlers such as Plack::Middleware::StackTrace or Plack::Middleware::HTTPExceptions, be sure to wrap this so Plack::Middleware::Recursive gets as inner as possible. AUTHORS
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Masahiro Honma SEE ALSO
Plack Plack::Middleware::HTTPExceptions The idea, code and interface are stolen from Rack::Recursive and paste.recursive. perl v5.14.2 2011-06-22 Plack::Middleware::Recursive(3pm)

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