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ELASTIX(1)							   User Commands							ELASTIX(1)

elastix - perform image registration SYNOPSIS
elastix mandatory-args [optional-args] DESCRIPTION
elastix registers a moving image to a fixed image. The registration-process is specified in the parameter file. OPTIONS
Call elastix from the command line with mandatory arguments: -f fixed image -m moving image -out output directory -p parameter file, elastix handles 1 or more "-p" Optional extra commands: -fMask mask for fixed image -mMask mask for moving image -t0 parameter file for initial transform -priority set the process priority to high or belownormal (Windows only) -threads set the maximum number of threads of elastix The parameter-file must contain all the information necessary for elastix to run properly. That includes which metric to use, which opti- mizer, which transform, etc. It must also contain information specific for the metric, optimizer, transform, ... For a usable parame- ter-file, see the website. SEE ALSO
transformix(1) Check the website, or mail elastix version: 4.400 December 2010 ELASTIX(1)

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