rminit(9r)																rminit(9r)

rminit - General: Initializes a resource map SYNOPSIS
void rminit( struct map *map_struct, long size, long addr, char *name, int mapsize ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to a map structure to be initialized by a call to rminit. Specifies the size elements used to initialize the resource map. Specifies the address that identifies the start of the free elements. Specifies the name for the resource map. The rminit routine uses this name in warning messages when the map overflows. Specifies the maximum number of fragments. DESCRIPTION
The rminit routine initializes the specified resource map to have mapsize - 2 segments. The routine also identifies this resource map with the string passed to the name argument. It prints this name if the slots become so fragmented that space is lost. The resource map itself is initialized with size elements free, starting at the address specified in addr. NOTES
The caller is responsible for providing any locking necessary for the map structure that the system passes to the rminit routine. RETURN VALUES
Routines: rmalloc(9r), rmfree(9r), rmget(9r) rminit(9r)

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