TRACEDIFF(1)							   User Commands						      TRACEDIFF(1)

tracediff - find and print differences between two traces SYNOPSIS
tracediff [ -m maxdiff ] firsturi seconduri DESCRIPTION
tracediff compares two trace files and prints the details of packets that differ to standard output. This is useful for finding packets that are present in one trace but not another or for finding conversion or snapping errors. -m maxdiff stop processing after displaying 'maxdiff' differences EXAMPLES
tracediff -m 10 erf:/traces/orig.erf.gz pcapfile:/traces/convert.pcap.gz BUGS
Not exactly a bug, but the contents of the framing headers (i.e. the PCAP or ERF encapsulation) are not compared. LINKS
More details about tracediff (and libtrace) can be found at SEE ALSO
libtrace(3), tracemerge(1), tracefilter(1), traceconvert(1), tracestats(1), tracesummary(1), tracertstats(1), tracesplit(1), traces- plit_dir(1), tracereport(1), tracepktdump(1), traceanon(1), tracereplay(1), traceends(1), tracetopends(1) AUTHORS
Shane Alcock <> tracediff (libtrace) January 2010 TRACEDIFF(1)

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