services status finding ...???

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Operating Systems Solaris services status finding ...???
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Old 01-20-2008
services status finding ...???

Could we find out the all services status in salaries 9 operating system....???
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Old 01-20-2008
Bug knowing the services in Solaris

after logging in u can use the following command to know the service types

who -X


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Old 01-20-2008

Hi udayn,

Q, What is the exact information you're trying to obtain from your solaris 9 system?


Before running any commands always check your man pages for backround & detailed information;

example :

<snip start>
bash-2.05$ man prstat
Reformatting page. Please Wait... done

System Administration Commands prstat(1M)

The prstat utility iteratively examines all active processes on the system;
<snip end>

(You should be root user of have root permission)

Run the following command

# prstat

(The output will list all active process)

I hope this is of help

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