diff2patches(1) 														   diff2patches(1)

diff2patches - Extract non-debian/ patches from .diff.gz files SYNTAX
diff2patches filename diff2patches --help|--version DESCRIPTION
Extracts patches from .diff.gz which apply to files outside the "debian/" directory scope. A patch is created for each modified file. Each patch is named according to the path of the modified file, with "/" replaced by "___", and an extension of ".patch". OPTIONS
filename Extract patches from filename which apply outside the "debian/" directory. --help Output help information and exit. --version Output version information and exit. FILES
debian/control Existence of this file is tested before any patch is extracted. debian/ debian/patches/ Patches are extracted to one of these directories. "debian/patches/" is preferred, if it exists. If DEB_PATCHES is present in the environment, it will override this behavior (see "ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES" section below). ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
DEB_PATCHES When defined and points to an existing directory, patches are extracted in that directory and not under "debian/" nor "debian/patches/". SEE ALSO
combinediff(1) AUTHOR
Raphael Geissert <atomo64@gmail.com> Raphael Geissert <;atomo64@gmail.com> diff2patches(1)

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