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Some commands not logged in pacct


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Old Unix and Linux 07-03-2012
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Some commands not logged in pacct


Examining the Debian Linux logfiles, I found out that not all commands are logged in my pacct (/var/log/account/pacct)

For instance, if I run and stop Wireshark and do after that

# lastcomm | grep "wireshark"

The wireshark command is logged as expected.

# lastcomm | grep "wireshark"
wireshark            X user   pts/4      0.68 secs Sun Jul  1 18:55

But if i do the same with for instance Gedit, then i got nothing.

# lastcomm | grep "gedit"

What could be the reason for that?

I looked already for quite a long time on the internet for answers but couldn't find them. And all the tutorials talk about the logging of ALL executed commands, not about any exceptions. So, I am a bit confused.

Till now, all the applications i tested where graphical applications of Gnome those are not logged, like:
gedit, gthumb and evolution. So just a thought: Could the reason perhaps lie in the fact that those applications are part of some bigger 'application' that is still running?

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Old Unix and Linux 07-18-2012
angryfirelord angryfirelord is offline
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This may seem like a silly question, but are you executing the commands under a different user? The commands that you run on root won't be remembered by the regular user.

You may also want to look at .bash_history and see if for some reason it has hit a maximum file size.
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