How to configure sntp client with multiple time sources?

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How to configure sntp client with multiple time sources?


What is the syntax to configure sntp client to have multiple time sources?
I tried to use the below syntax, but when the src1 is not reachable, the sntp does not even try to sync to src2:

# /usr/sbin/sntp -P no -r src1 src2
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: not enough valid responses received in time

Also, it is not very clear if the sntp client will always use round robin when multiple sources or only if the first fails?

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