How to configure sntp client with multiple time sources?

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How to configure sntp client with multiple time sources?


What is the syntax to configure sntp client to have multiple time sources?
I tried to use the below syntax, but when the src1 is not reachable, the sntp does not even try to sync to src2:

# /usr/sbin/sntp -P no -r src1 src2
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: receive timed out after 3 seconds
sntp: not enough valid responses received in time

Also, it is not very clear if the sntp client will always use round robin when multiple sources or only if the first fails?

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KNIFE-CONFIGURE(1)						    Chef Manual 						KNIFE-CONFIGURE(1)

knife-configure - Generate configuration files for knife or Chef Client SYNOPSIS
knife configure [client] (options) DESCRIPTION
Generates a knife.rb configuration file interactively. When given the --initial option, also creates a new administrative user. CONFIGURE SUBCOMMANDS
knife configure (options) -i, --initial Create an initial API Client -r, --repository REPO The path to your chef-repo Create a configuration file for knife. This will prompt for values to enter into the file. Default values are listed in square brackets if no other entry is typed. See knife(1) for a description of configuration options. knife configure client directory Read the knife.rb config file and generate a config file suitable for use in /etc/chef/client.rb and copy the validation certificate into the specified directory. EXAMPLES
o On a freshly installed Chef Server, use knife configure -i to create an administrator and knife configuration file. Leave the field blank to accept the default value. On most systems, the default values are acceptable. user@host$ knife configure -i Please enter the chef server URL: [http://localhost:4000] Please enter a clientname for the new client: [username] Please enter the existing admin clientname: [chef-webui] Please enter the location of the existing admin client's private key: [/etc/chef/webui.pem] Please enter the validation clientname: [chef-validator] Please enter the location of the validation key: [/etc/chef/validation.pem] Please enter the path to a chef repository (or leave blank): Creating initial API user... Created (or updated) client[username] Configuration file written to /home/username/.chef/knife.rb This creates a new administrator client named username, writes a configuration file to /home/username/.chef/knife.rb, and the private key to /home/username/.chef/username.pem. The configuration file and private key may be copied to another system to facilitate adminis- tration of the Chef Server from a remote system. Depending on the value given for the Chef Server URL, you may need to modify that set- ting after copying to a remote host. SEE ALSO
knife(1) knife-client(1) AUTHOR
Chef was written by Adam Jacob with many contributions from the community. DOCUMENTATION
This manual page was written by Joshua Timberman Permission is granted to copy, distribute and / or modify this docu- ment under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License. CHEF
Knife is distributed with Chef. Chef 10.12.0 June 2012 KNIFE-CONFIGURE(1)

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