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Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address
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Old 07-27-2009
Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address


Currently we are having different linux servers (for example: let's assume audio server, video server and text server) to handle requests from outside users. Suppose the outside users in different LAN (Local Area Network), other than the servers. For example user is in 20 series LAN and audio server is in 10 series LAN then we are assigning one public IP address to the audio server so that the outside users can connect with audio server using this public IP address.

In the same way we are assigning different public IP address to video server and text server also. So like this it will be the costly process, as first we have to purchase every public ip address to use for our servers.

So instead of purchasing many public ip's, we want to purchase single public ip and then we want to access all the servers (in our case audio/video/text server) using only single public ip. So pls tell me is there any way to bind all the servers (with private ip's) by using only single public ip.

Is there any configuration steps or any other mapping techniques to do this?

please reply. I will be highly thankful to you.

Thanks & Regards,
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Old 07-27-2009
How are users connecting? Your description sounds like either a proxy or a firewall/router would be the best option.

If your users are connecting via a web page, you can run an apache proxypass server based on the URL and direct them to the correct page, without the URL passed to them changing. A proxy can do similar things. I would look at Apache, IPTables and Squid to see if they do what you are looking for.
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Old 07-28-2009
Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address

Hello Sir,

Thanks for ur interest in my question.

Actually outside users are connecting through the public ip's. But currently we are using seperate public ip for each server and it is costly process. So instead of using many public ip's we want to limit public ip's so that all the users can connect with different servers using only single public ip only.

We want to know that If we use single public ip for three servers (let's say audio server, video server and text server) then how can we map this single public ip with the three servers (may be we have to map private ip of servers with single public ip). So pls suggest me is there any way to do this, so that all users requests can be handle properly with correct servers. Pls reply soon....

Thanks & Regards,
Navneet Goel
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Old 07-28-2009
I read your original response but it seems you did not read mine. I am not concerned as much as to how many IPs you are using, but what sort of protocol you are using.

However, you have only restated your original request. That does nothing to give more information.
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Old 07-29-2009
Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address

Hello Sir,

Actually we are using clients are connecting with servers using UDP protocol.

I got the below link. Pls go through this link-

In this link they gave given the way of accessing multiple servers using only single public ip. Also they have given the example like all the servers having same port to listen the client request.

They have told like router will do it itself, but they have not mentioned what router configuration settings need to do at router side. Also we do not know how the router will itself select the server to connect with client, based on the client request. So plese do some needfully.......

Thanks & Regards,
Navneet Goel
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Old 07-29-2009
Regarding accessing multiple servers using single public ip address

Hello Sir,

Actually clients are connecting with servers using UDP and TCP protocols.

We got the below link. Pls go through this link.

In this link they have mentioned the way that how we can access multiple servers using single public ip. But by this link we are not able to understand that how we have to do mapping at router side.

Also we are not clear if all the servers are having same port number then how the client request will know itself that to which server system it has to connect. So we want to know these details. Pls do some needfully.......

Thanks & Regards,
Navneet Goel

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