after ZFS can not restore VTOC of disk..

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Operating Systems Solaris after ZFS can not restore VTOC of disk..
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Old 09-23-2008
Question after ZFS can not restore VTOC of disk..

I tried to use zfs .. only for test when I take my test disks into zfs pool their VTOC changed .. and 7th slice does not appear now. How can I restore default VTOC to my disks.

my machine is x86 .. SunFire X4200 .. so this disks do not have slices like sparc machines .. they have additionally 8 and 9 slices .. but except this I lost my 7th slice:

Part Tag Flag First Sector Size Last Sector
0 usr wm 34 136.72GB 286722909
1 unassigned wm 0 0 0
2 unassigned wm 0 0 0
3 unassigned wm 0 0 0
4 unassigned wm 0 0 0
5 unassigned wm 0 0 0
6 unassigned wm 0 0 0
8 reserved wm 286722911 8.00MB 286739294

.. So how I can restore my 9th and 7th slice ?

10x all..Smilie
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Old 09-23-2008
Have not tried this in a while but should work. Use format -e, select the disk and label. When asked what type of label to use, select VTOC.
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Old 09-23-2008
thats very strange .. I played around this disk with soft partitions .. and now when this disk was used in SVM it found lost slice .. I cant understand what's going on
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Old 09-23-2008
You can use a disk or slice as either part of an SVM volume or as part of a ZFS storage pool. Do not use the same disk or slice in both an SVM and ZFS configuration.
Did you?Smilie
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Old 09-23-2008
Originally Posted by incredible
You can use a disk or slice as either part of an SVM volume or as part of a ZFS storage pool. Do not use the same disk or slice in both an SVM and ZFS configuration.
Did you?Smilie

No no .. I don't use it either in zfs and SVM ..firstly I used it in zfs .. and after that i destroyed my zfs pool and I got my disk not as usual .. I lost 7 slice .. and than I post here how to recover it .. But after that I used it in SVM .. so it is in SVM after I destroyed zfs ..

I know that ZFS uses EFI label .. so Im trying to change it .
Ill return with results soon .. Smilie
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Old 09-23-2008
10x all ..
ZFS uses EFI label .. thats why when I get out disk from zfs pool it does not take its own default label .. All we need to do is format -e and label it SMI .. but does not permit me until I delete old EFI label again format -e and fdisk ..there you will delete EFI label and label it by default Solaris partition Smilie

Thank all ..
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Old 11-29-2008
in solaris 10 ZFS uses a EFI disk in this type you cant see 7 slices if you want to SMI disk type format -e <disk>

then lable it you will get output like this
format> lable
[0] SMI Label
[1] EFI Label
Specify Label type[0]:

Press enter

and again lable this time it will not asked 0 or 1 you will get your 7 slice

Smilie Pravin L
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