help adding a new user/password

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Operating Systems Solaris help adding a new user/password
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Old 01-30-2008
help adding a new user/password

I just installed Solaris 10 yesterday and I need to create a new username and password. I'm new to the system and I have yet to learn my way around. I appreciate all help and thank you in advance.
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Old 01-30-2008
You will need to login as root to do this (assuming you didn't create a seperate account)

1) Command line method
# useradd <name-of-login>
# passwd <name-of-login>

2) Graphical method (Gnome\X-windows)
Look for a program call System Management Console, or SMC,
Got to managment Tools, This Computer, system Configuraton, User Accounts

Ensure you understand the above before performing a new accout creation. If in doubt, consult

~ ms. stevie

Solaris SCSA (v8)
Microsoft MCP
Ubuntu & Fedora on-the-way
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Old 01-30-2008
how would I go about logging on as 'root'?
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Old 01-30-2008
root is the superuser account. It's like the first account on any box. You'll need to know the root password or have sudo access.
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Old 01-31-2008
If your box isn't already logged-in & you don't know the root password, then your on your own
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Old 02-01-2008
If you just installed and never add any account, I believe you are logging in as "root", which can be determine from the "#" symbol when you login. Other accounts would be showing "$"

To add new account,

# useradd -d /export/home -s /bin/sh username

then assign password,

#passwd username
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