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Old 01-28-2008
Installation error Solaris 10

Hi there, new to unix/linux, please excuse me!

I am trying to install Solaris 10 on a machine, and after some teething problems (on another thread) I have got so far with the installation and am now getting an different error:

Error : The Solaris CD/DVD you inserted is not compatible with the architecture of your system.

This happens after choosing whether I want automatic/manual cd ejects/reboots.

I am then given a 'The system is being initialized' screen with 'Loading install media, please wait...' where it hangs.

The machine is:

Intel Celeron 700Mhz
256 Mb RAM
Install from DVD with a .iso burn from Sun Solaris

I get to :

Select Automatic/Manual reboots

(I choose automatic)

Any help greatly appreciated


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Old 01-28-2008
looks like you downloaded the sparc version of solaris... read CAREFULLY on the download page for what to download! and 256MB of ram is not enough for solaris! the grphical install recommends a minimum of 384mb... go to "" and download the x86 install guide for solaris 10.
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Old 01-28-2008
hi, no def x86 version, and i was told earlier 256mb would be OK, i do though, get the error saying not enough for graphics during the install... will try more memory!

Edit :

Have no more memory available right now, will it not work on 256Mb? Even without the graphic interface?

Are these errors caused by memory?

I have checked and it is defiantely the x86 version I d/l and am trying to install


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Old 01-28-2008
i stand corrected once again (twice in one day!) i have found an extra 256mb and added it (totalling 512mb) and i have got past this issue... onwards we go with my first installation!!!

thanks again
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