solaris way if interpreting devices?

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Operating Systems Solaris solaris way if interpreting devices?
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Old 01-24-2008
solaris way if interpreting devices?

Hi all,

I wanted to know the solaris way of interpreting devices?
I mean i understand all those c0t0....stuff but when i start mounting devices , most of the times i get either a I/O error or it says that the directory does not exist.

I have a external usb hub to which i have connected a pen drive and a usb receiver(for the mouse), 2 other slots are empty, but when i make use of /etc/vfstab or /etc/mnttab to find out the devices currently mounted or all the present devices currennly attached to system...
I am unable to find out what i need..

Also wanted to know if mounting can be done while running on a live cd?

I guess my understanding of these interpretations needs some polishing..
Please do help me

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Old 01-24-2008
You shouldn't care that much of device names as long as you use the automounter, or hal with latest releases.

You certainly can mount devices with a live CD.
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