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Operating Systems Solaris sparc 5
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Old 01-14-2008
sparc 5

I have a spark 5 machine running solaris 2.6
instead of a Sun monitor I want to use a normal monitor utilizing the SGI 13W3 TO SVGA adaptor.

what is the pin configuration of such an adaptor or a part no.
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Old 01-16-2008
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Old 01-16-2008

There are a few on eBay, for example, Sun 13W3 - VGA SVGA Monitor Adapter SGI SPARC NEW-WTY! - eBay (item 120209313155 end time Jan-18-08 14:52:21 PST)

I did a Google search for "13W3 TO SVGA sun" which brought up 15 K hits ... cheers, drl
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Old 01-20-2008
i too wanted to use those newer flatscreen monitor on my sparc20 and ultra1 boxes sometime back.

According to the monitor repair tech, she told me if I have an old sparc 5 upto ultra2 I can only use a normal svga CRT monitor to connect to a sun box using a special adapter vga-sun connector.

however if I want to connect old sun boxes to new flatscreen monitors it cannot work even if you use the special adapter.

The old sparc/ultra servers uses analog signals the newer flatscreen uses digital signals.

Only from ultra5 machine onwards can you use flatscreen.
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Old 01-21-2008

A number of LCD monitors have both analog and digital inputs. I have a smaller Dell that allows both.

A quick search on ebay yielded: "3 items found for: lcd digital analog monitor". It's possible that bright shiny new monitors have only digital ... cheers, drl
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